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Linux Virtual Server Hosting is Now Available

Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2012 by

Last week we released new Dedicated Server plans with Plesk and IPv6, so this week we are announcing Linux based virtual servers! That’s right, Weberz now has Linux based virtual server hosting available for those looking for that perfect solution between shared hosting and a dedicated server.

Virtual Servers Now Available

About Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers, Virtual Private Servers, or VPS (It’s really your preference on terminology)  is the practice of running multiple operating system installations on a single physical machine. Each virtualized server is provided its own operating system installation to allow for customization of system services and server configuration files.

Virtual servers can also be provided shared and dedicated memory allocations and disk space depending on the technology used to provide the virtualized server instance.

Weberz Virtual Servers

Weberz virtual servers are built on KVM virtualization technology which is built into all new versions of the Linux kernel. It’s one of the only technologies that doesn’t require modifying the Linux kernel or adding modules to the kernel to make the virtualization work. Each of our VPS’s are allocated dedicated memory and disk space as well as their own IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.

Parallels Logo

Weberz has dedicated physical servers allocated to host virtual machines. All of our dedicated physical servers are built with enough memory and disk space that we do not need to oversell our virtual hosting servers; this ensures that the memory and disk space included in your virtual server hosting plan will be available to your server when you need it.

Virtual server offerings from Weberz are also available with the Plesk hosting control panel to ease the management and configuration of your virtual machine.  Plesk provides an interface for setting up and managing your Websites, DNS, Email, and MySQL Databases via any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

Find out more about virtual servers provided from Weberz by visiting our Virtual Server Hosting Plans page.

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