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WordPress Brute Force Advistory Notice

Posted Thursday, April 11, 2013 by

brute-force-wordpressOver the course of the past three days we have seen a significant high load in requests to access the wp-login.php file on WordPress based websites. So significantly, that it actually processed over 12,000 requests for the wp-login.php page on one of our web servers in a one-hour period. These requests are coming from IP addresses all over the world making it hard to manage the blocking of these invalid requests that put our users installations of WordPress at risk and utilize a high amount of resources on our network.

To clarify for those not familiar with it, the wp-login.php page is the back-end administration page that gives WordPress users access to the settings and full control of their WordPress installation.

In an attempt to provide the highest amount of security for our users and also ensure that servers are free from network congestion due to this attack we have implemented server wide .htaccess password protection to the wp-login.php filename on our servers. What this means is we have required a username and password be entered at the server level before the wp-login.php page loads. We understand this can cause confusion as most users are use to typing in a username and password before they enter the administration area of WordPress and may inadvertently type in that username and password in the login box that appears.

It is important to type in the Server ID number for the username and password to be able to proceed to your WordPress login screen.

The Linux servers are numbered 1 through 8. The username and passwords are the same and would be formatted as shown below:

Username: linux2
Password: linux2

If you are not sure what your server number is you can login to your user account and click on the FTP icon and you will see the server name in the hostname section of the website in a format similar to The exception to this is if you are on linux1, which may make your hostname display as Your username and password in this scenario would be linux1 and the password would also be linux1.

Again, we understand this may be a bit confusing and are here to help. If you have questions submit a support ticket to by including your domain name and contact information so we can assist you in resolving this.

Thank you again for your continued support of Weberz.


Charlie Stanley
Weberz Hosting
Operations Manager

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