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October 2012 Monthly Newsletter

Posted Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by

A lot has been happening at Weberz in recent months. We’ve been busy expanding our hosting services and making changes to enhance our customer’s hosting experience.  This month we’ll share some of those changes with you and provide some insight to some of the other future changes to come.

The Death of H-Sphere

H-Sphere is the control panel and billing system used by Weberz to manage our shared hosting and reseller hosting accounts. Over the last couple of years Weberz staff have noticed a lack of new features and technologies being added to the H-Sphere system. In March we started evaluating replacement systems for H-Sphere and ultimately decided on the Plesk control panel. Over the next few months Weberz will be setting up our Plesk servers and will begin offering new features such as IPv6 shared hosting along with updated software versions of and PHP. More on this will be available in the coming months.

New Partnership with Parallels Inc.

Weberz recently signed a partnership agreement with Parallels to allow us to bundle the Plesk control panel and other Parallels software with our dedicated servers. All new dedicated servers now come with the option of receiving Plesk pre-installed at no additional cost. More information regarding our new dedicated server offerings with Plesk can be found in this blog announcement.

Linux Virtual Servers Now Available

In addition to updating our dedicated server offerings, Weberz has launched a new service to provide Linux virtual servers. Linux virtual servers provide users with their own Linux operating system installation using hardware that is shared with other virtual server users. These virtual servers are ideal for customers who are looking to customize their server configuration and software without the higher costs of a dedicated server. More information on Linux virtual servers can be found on our blog.

Network Growth Requires More Bandwidth

Due to growth of the Weberz customer base and the increased popularity of your websites, Weberz has taken precautionary measures to ensure we don’t run out of available bandwidth. Back in August we reviewed our network  configuration and implemented some changes to increase the efficiency of our network. At the same time we also signed new agreements with our service providers to double the amount of bandwidth in the data center. By the end of the year new fiber lines will be installed in the data center and the increased amount of available bandwidth will be activated.

Anyone Want an iPad?

I have this iPad sitting on my desk and it’s time to get rid of it. Honestly it’s just because I am tired of looking at the shiny box that I don’t get to open… So we’re going to have a contest! You can enter to win the iPad by following Weberz on Twitter and/or liking the Weberz Facebook page. We’ll give you an additional entry to win the iPad for writing Weberz a recommendation on our Facebook page or mentioning @weberz in one of your tweets. All entries will be entered into a drawing and the winner will be selected on November 5th, 2012.

That’s going to sum it up for this month, we have many more exciting things we are working on for the future and look forward to sharing those with you in due course. Thanks for your continued support, and I wish you the very best with your online business.

Robert Rolfe
Weberz Hosting

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