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Data Center Information

All Weberz Hosting servers are located in our own privately owned data center located in Fairview, OR. Build in 2009, our data center was specifically designed, engineered, and constructed for the Weberz Hosting Network. All aspects of the data center construction process was overseen by the Weberz System Administrator to ensure that all systems and equipment chosen would maximize the reliability and security of the facility and network.

Weberz Data Center

Power Systems
The data center gets its primary power from the Portland General Electric power grid via 3-Phase power feed into our own private transformer. The power is then routed into the building and then isolated into separate power systems for the office and data center areas. Each server rack in the data center is then equipped with a dedicated 30 amp power circuit. Automatic and manual emergency power kill switches are linked into the power system in case of fire or other emergency.

Weberz GeneratorThe data center power system is backed by on-site generators equipped with automatic transfer switches. These automatic transfer switches start the generator systems within 10 seconds of a power failure. The power load from the data center is then transferred to the generator systems within 2 minutes, once the generators have fully powered up. Power is then kept on the generator systems until a clean and steady stream of power can be maintained from the primary power grid for at least 20 minutes. Once the primary power grid is ready, the transfer switches re-transfer the load back to the power grid and disengage the generator systems. These generator systems can power and run the data center load for an indefinite amount of time with the fuel and 24-hour delivery contracts we have in place with local vendors.

Critical systems in the data center are also equipped with APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies, UPSs, which will keep those systems online while the loads are being transferred the to generators. These critical systems are load balanced across the UPS systems to ensure at least 30 minutes of UPS battery power is available. This is more than enough time for the automatic transfer switches to engage and transfer the power loads to the generator systems.

All of the data center power systems are tested weekly to ensure that proper operation is available in the event of a power failure.

Environmental Systems
The data center area is fully equipped with Liebert brand environmental control systems to handle any level of load we can throw at it. These Liebert systems come equipped with redundant air conditioning compressors and coils, that are automatically load balanced and rotated, and heating coils to ensure that the data center temperatures stay where we set them. Humidity control and monitoring systemsWeberz Environmental Control are also included in each Liebert system to reduce the possibility of static discharge while working in the data center. These high quality Liebert environmental control systems filter and rotate all of the air every 20 seconds, removing all of the dust and contaminants in the data center area.

Fire suppression systems are also in place in the data center. The fire system is linked to both the power system and HVAC systems to ensure that all the systems work together to monitor, report, and power down in the event of a data center fire. Since these systems are automatic and linked together, 3 or more fire detection monitors must be triggered before power and HVAC systems are powered down. This helps eliminate the possibility of the system powering off due to false fire detections.

Security System
Physical security of your data and servers is not something that is taken lightly at Weberz. The data center is equipped with key card scanners to record and limit who has access to the physical servers. This ensures that no unauthorized personnel or visitors are allowed in the data center area. Entrances to the data center are also physically monitored by Weberz staff and via a closed circuit camera system.

In the event that maintenance or contractors must access the data center area, they must be escorted and monitored by authorized Weberz Hosting personnel. Equipment locations and access protocols have been specifically chosen and put into place to limit these kinds of necessities to a bare minimum.

Power system and HVAC control areas have also been equipped with similar physical security enhancements to ensure that they also have limited access. For example the power system control area is monitored by a separate 24 hour armed alarm system which can only be disabled by authorized personnel.

System Monitoring
All of the data center systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure they are working properly. Systems like environmental controls are monitored for room temperatures and humidity levels that will trigger an alarm if more than a 5% variance is detected. Power systems are monitored for power presence and quality, while security systems are monitored for authorized access codes and motion detection. Once an alarm has been triggered by the monitor, senior data center staff are instantly notified via SMS, Email, Instant Message, and in some cases a phone call to ensure they are aware of the alarm’s presence.

These monitoring systems help Weberz Staff react quickly to any problems that could arise at the data center. Separate off-site monitoring systems are also in place to monitor and record remote access to the servers and networking equipment in the data center.

Remote Access Systems
All of the equipment in the data center is setup with remote access and control systems for the Weberz Staff. All servers are connected to APC power distribution equipment, that allows us to control power to each individual server, and KVM equipment, that allows us to access the console of each machine. The power, security, and HVAC systems are all also equipped with remote access modules that allow us to monitor, control, and modify the systems as needed when senior staff is not physically available.

Each of these remote access systems is essential in allowing Weberz to provide the best possible service to our users by allowing us to control these systems from anywhere with a Internet connection.

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