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IPv6 Deployment Status

IPv6, as mentioned in this blog post, should be an important concern for every web hosting provider. At Weberz we are taking our IPv6 deployment very seriously. One of our primary goals is to keep our users informed as to the current status of our IPv6 deployment, and this page will be our conduit for reaching that goal. Below is a list of the steps needed to fully deploy IPv6 on the Weberz Hosting network.

Deployment Plan
Weberz will be deploying a full end-to-end dual stack deployment of IPv6 and IPv4 on our network. Once completed all of our servers, equipment, and routers will respond natively to both IPv4 and IPv6 requests, allowing users on both networks to fully access all services that Weberz has to offer.

Task Remarks Completed
Obtain IPv6 Allocation None 01/04/2011
IPv6 Connect Provider #1 Setup Native IPv6 connectivity with provider. Establish IPv6 BGP Session with Provider. Announce our IPv6 IPs to provider making them publicly available. 01/17/2011
IPv6 Connect Provider #2 Setup Native IPv6 connectivity with provider. Establish IPv6 BGP Session with Provider. Announce our IPv6 IPs to provider making them publicly available.Notes: Service providers router does not support IPv6 at this time. We have signed agreements to change the type of service on the line so we can be connected to a IPv6 capable router. This should be completed in Nov 2011.  01/01/2012
Inter-connect Routers with IPv6 Establish IPv6 connectivity between primary network routers. Setup iBGP sessions using IPv6. 01/15/2011
Setup Network Firewalls for IPv6 Modify primary firewalls on network routers to properly handle and pass IPv6 traffic. 01/16/2011
Setup IPv6 DNS Servers for Reverse DNS Setup DNS servers to handle IPv6 traffic. Setup reverse DNS zones for IPv6 IP addresses. 10/05/2011
Dual Stack Testing Machines Setup IPv6 connectivity on testing machines so connectivity can be verified as deployment continues.Notes: Connectivity tested using external ping and traceroute tools. 10/05/2011
Dual Stack Internal Monitor Setup IPv6 connectivity on internal server monitor so servers are checked using IPv6 & IPv4.Notes: Internal Monitor will need to be migrated to a new OS that supports proper IPv6 firewall. 06/01/2012 
Dual Stack External Monitor Setup IPv6 connectivity on external server monitor so servers are checked using IPv6 & IPv4.Notes: Host of external monitor is not prepared to support IPv6 yet. They have no estimated date on when this will be available. 06/15/2012 
Dual Stack Network Switches Setup connectivity to network switches using IPv6 & IPv4. Enable monitoring and management via both IP versions.  07/01/2012
Dual Stack Dedicated Servers Make IPv6 connectivity available to dedicated server customers who request it. New dedicated servers will come with IPv6 and IPv4 at this time.  08/27/2012
Dual Stack Shared Hosting Cluster Enable IPv6 connectivity to shared hosting websites, email, and databases. This will need to be broken down to multiple steps as we get closer to goal.  
IPv6 Deployment Complete When everything is done, this will be marked as completed. Entire network should be dual stacked at this time.  
Remove IPv4 Addresses Remove IPv4 addresses and connectivity when it is no longer required to be dual stacked with IPv4 & IPv6. This will only happen after the majority (90% +?) of the internet no longer uses ipv4. 2020 – 2030? Maybe?

Note: The above is only a partial list of tasks that need to be completed. This list will grow and change over time as we enter each phase of our IPv6 deployment.

Current Notes:

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