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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Weberz limit the number of domains per account?

Each Weberz shared hosting package comes with a limited number of domains that are allowed to be hosted under each account. Customers can add additional domains past the limit to an account however additional charges will apply for each additional domain past the limit. Customers can also upgrade their account to a higher limit shared hosting plan to avoid these additional charges. For details on the limits for each plan please visit our Linux Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting plan pages.

Weberz does not limit the number of domains that can be hosted under a Reseller Web Hosting plan.

Does Weberz Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your hosting experience Weberz offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our hosting plans. During the initial 30 day period that your account is open with Weberz a "Money Back" option is displayed under the "Billing" menu in the control panel. Requesting your money back is as easy as visiting that page and clicking the confirmation link on the following page.

Does Weberz offer telnet or SSH access?

For security purposes, Weberz doesn’t offer telnet access under any circumstance. Access to the SSH service is available on all of our Linux web hosting plans. Due to the security risks in offering SSH access it's not enabled by default on any new accounts. To have SSH enabled on your account simply login to the Weberz Hosting control panel and request access on the FTP/User account page.

Does Weberz support PHP, MySQL and/or Perl?

Yes! Weberz Hosting supports PHP, MySQL, and Perl on every Linux web hosting plan. PHP and Perl are also available on our Windows hosting plans however the suggested hosting platform for these languages is Linux.

Most web scripts written to use these features are primarily coded around using them on a Linux web hosting platform. Please choose Linux web hosting for the optimal user experience with these features.

How long has Weberz been in business?

We started offering hosting in March of 2002 as We Host Webpages. In 2005 we acquired the competing web hosting company Weberz only later to transition our brand to Weberz Hosting in 2006. You can find out more about the history of Weberz Hosting in the About Weberz section of our site.

How much does web hosting cost?

Our prices for web hosting vary depending on the type of hosting needed and the amount of resources your website will use. We offer both Linux and Windows shared web hosting plans, Reseller web hosting, and Dedicated Server hosting. The price range for our services can range from $9.95/month to several hundred dollars a month.

If you are unsure about the type of hosting that you want or need, please read the "What type of hosting is right for me?" question in our F.A.Q. Once you have determined the type of hosting you need, visit our web hosting services section to determine the price.

Discounts are also available when pre-paying for your web hosting service in 6 month or 12 month increments.

I can’t find a hosting plan that fits my needs. What can I do?

Weberz has configured our service plans to try to best match the requirements of the average customer. There are times when a customer might need a plan with more resources than what Weberz provides or has special requirements that the current plans do not offer.

If you feel you need more than our plans offer, please contact us via phone or send a email to One of our sales representatives will work with you to evaluate your needs and try to find or create a solution that meets your requirements.

Should I choose Linux or Windows Shared Hosting?

The choice between Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting can be a difficult one for new website owners to understand. A common misconception is that you must be running Linux as your operating system to use Linux for your website hosting or that Linux hosting will be more difficult to use than Windows web hosting. Both of these ideas are actually false. The choice between the two operating systems for your web hosting should only come down to one simple topic. When you are building your website which platform or programming languages are you going to be using? Certain programming languages are only available on Windows hosting while others simply perform better on Linux.

The following chart lists the most common programming languages and web scripts available that are used on the Weberz Hosting service. Compare all of the features you want to use on your website to see which Weberz Hosting services they work on. Also consider that you can get an account under each platform should only certain sections of your site need to be hosted on a particular platform.

Programming Languages & Databases:

  • PHP - Linux strongly preferred
  • MySQL Databases - Linux Only
  • ASP - Windows Only
  • - Windows Only
  • Coldfusion - Windows Only
  • Microsoft SQL Server Databases (MSSQL) - Windows Only
  • ODBC DSN's - Windows Only
  • Perl - Linux Strongly Preferred
  • .htaccess files - Linux Only
  • HTML - Linux or Windows
  • CSS - Linux or Windows
  • Javascript - Linux or Windows
  • Java - Dedicated Server Only
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails) - Dedicated Server Only

Pre-Built Web Scripts:

  • Wordpress - Linux Strongly Preferred
  • Joomla - Linux Preferred
  • Mamba Server - Linux Preferred
  • Drupal - Linux Preferred
  • DotNetNuke - Windows Only
  • Microsoft Sharepoint - Windows Dedicated Server Only
  • - Windows Only
  • Umbraco - Windows Only
  • phpNuke - Linux Preferred

Still have a question about which platform to choose? Contact our sales team and they will can help evaluate your needs to ensure you get the right platform. If you have another language or web script you want added to the list, please email us at

What are the support options available?

Weberz offers several different ways to contact our technical support team. Phone support is available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Email support and support tickets are monitored daily. You can contact support via phone by calling us at 1-877-588-5461. To submit a support ticket you can email us at, fill out a support ticket on our site, or submit a support ticket via the Weberz Hosting control panel interface.

Users can also visit the support center on our website which contains links to the support ticket form and an extensive knowledge base of articles that answer questions about common support issues.

What database platforms does Weberz support?

Weberz supports both the MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, MSSQL, database platforms. Weberz places all of our database platforms on to separate servers to minimize database impact on website load times and to maximize the performance of each type of database.

Databases can be created inside the Weberz Hosting control panel interface and managed using phpMyAdmin for MySQL or SQL Manager for MSSQL databases.

What happens if I go over my storage limit?

Each Weberz Hosting plan has a storage limit that is included with your account. If you go over your allotted storage limit, additional charges will apply to your account. Users can either opt to pay these additional charges or upgrade to a new plan with higher storage limits. Most users choose to upgrade their plan at this time. The price all additional charges on an account are listed on the bottom of each of our plan pages in the web hosting services section of our website.

What type of web hosting is right for me?

Weberz offers many different types of web hosting accounts and choosing the correct type can be a difficult task for a user. Here's a condensed list of the types of hosting offered and why a user might choose a particular one.

Shared Hosting - Linux or Windows
Shared hosting is great for keeping costs down on your website hosting bill. Your site shares resources with other sites on the same server. Shared hosting is adequate for most personal and business websites unless the site is mission critical and you can not take the chance of another site on the same server causing an issue with your site, see Dedicated Servers in this case. Shared hosting also works well for small web designers that want to host and manage a few websites for design clients.

If you need help choosing between Linux and Windows shared hosting, please see the question "Should I choose Linux or Windows Shared Hosting?" in our F.A.Q.

Reseller Hosting
Reseller hosting is ideal for those who want to sell hosting to other people. It is also ideal for web designers who want to host their clients websites as well. Resellers can create separate user accounts in the control panel system and allow their clients to manage their own email addresses and website settings. There is also no domain limits on our reseller hosting accounts like there is on our shared hosting plans. End users with many domains may choose to use reseller hosting to avoid additional domain charges in shared hosting accounts, however they must then be prepared to deal with a more complex control panel system that is designed for selling hosting to other users.

Dedicated Server Hosting
Dedicated server hosting allows users to have their own server in our data center to host their sites on. Dedicated servers provide customers with more physical server resources for their sites, such as storage space, and the comfort that comes from isolation from other hosting customers. This is by far the best solution for businesses who have mission critical sites that can not be affected by other users. Dedicated servers also allow customers to modify server configurations beyond what Weberz Hosting allows on shared servers such as installing custom software or changing core system configurations. The largest downfall to dedicated server hosting is of course the higher cost of your web hosting.

If you are still having an issue trying to choose the correct hosting for your websites please contact us and our sales teams will work with you to evaluate your situation and get the proper web hosting for your needs.

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