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How do I setup my email on my Google Android tablet or phone?

Google Android tablets and phones are becoming increasingly popular for personal and business use. Setting up your Weberz Hosting email account on these tablet and phones allows users to stay in contact with others with out having to be at their computer.

Setting up your Weberz Hosting email account on Android devices is as easy as following these steps. The screen shots below were take on an HTC Evo 4g mobile phone and may slightly differ from your device. A similar setting or button should be available on your device regardless of which Android based device you are using.

  1. Start by going into phone settings by pressing “Settings” button/application on your Android device. You may need to access this button from the menu rather than one of your home screens.
    Android Home Screen
  2. In the Settings section select “Accounts & Sync”:
    Android Setting Screen
  3. Next click the Add Account account button towards the bottom of the screen
    Android Account Sync Screen 
  4. On the “New Account” screen enter the your full email address and password and click the “Manual Setup” button
     Android New Account Screen
  5. On the Incoming Settings screen choose “IMAP” from the “Protocol” drop down menu.
    Weberz also supports the POP protocol however imap will leave email on the server for you to download to your computer later unless you delete the email with your Android device.
  6. After selecting the protocol to use, enter the other information for your email account on the other settings screen.
    • Email Address – Your full email address
    • Username – Your full email address
    • Password – Your email password
    • Server – Normally
    • Security Type – Choose “None”
    • Server Port – Leave the default
      Android Incoming Settings Screen 
  7.  Once you have entered all of the settings above, click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. On the “Outgoing Server Settings” screen you need to enter the settings for autheticating to the outgoing mail server
    • Check the Login Required Box
    • Username – Enter your full email address
    • Password – Enter your email password
    • SMTP Server – Normally
    • Security Type – None
    • Port – Enter “25”. If your having problems sending email you can try changing this to port “587” in case your ISP blocks port 25.
       Android Outgoing Server Settings
  9. Click the next button at the bottom of the screen once all of the above settings have been entered.
  10. On the last screen click the “Test” button to complete the setup of your email account. Once the test is complete your android device setup will be complete.

Your Weberz Hosting email account should now be setup on your Android tablet or phone. In the next few minutes your device should contact our email server and begin displaying your email in the “Email” application.

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